Photography at Hamlet Wood

Photography at Hamlet Wood

We at Hamlet Wood would love to see photos and pictures taken at Hamlet Wood. Whether they are of the woods, activities, working parties or of general fun had while at the camp site. We are always looking for photos to put on the website to better show off the campsite being used and enjoyed.

The protection of children is of absolute importance to us and always comes first. This is why we ask that you give us written consent to use your photographs - without it, we are unable to display any photos containing children under 18.

If you are a Scout group, you must have already recieved permission from the child’s parents or guardians - essentially you are passing on this consent. You can also give us consent individually if you’d like to send us an image yourself; you only need to do this if a child under 18 is in the photo.

You can send your photos to [email protected] or send them to us on Facebook

Please remember, photos put on our website or Facebook page are available to anyone on the internet and so can be seen throughout the world, and not just in the United Kingdom, where UK law applies.

Group Photo Consent

Individual Photo Consent